Construction at MSU Has Students Frustrated

Parking at Midwestern State University is getting harder to find.

The university started another construction project on campus at the beginning of October.  The construction is in between the men's freshman dorm, Pierce Hall, and Bea Wood Hall.  Construction workers are building a new green area and walkway.  It's going to be called Mustangs Walk.

Kyle Owen, the Associate Vice President for Facilities Services at MSU said they hope to have the project done by mid-December.  However, he said it all depends on the weather.  At the latest, he said it should be done by January 2015.

Owen said, "It's not visually appealing and for as many students that go through there, it just makes a lot of sense to the prove  the area over there."

He said a lot of other universities have more green area.  This was one of the reasons they decided to build the Mustang Walk.  Owen also said the architect also suggested the change.  They plan to expand the walkway in the future again.

The project is going to cost $330,000.  Owen said that money will come from state funds for campus improvements.

Many students at MSU said there weren't happy about the project starting.  They said it took away parking and that has always been a hot topic on campus.  One student said it's very annoying to have to drive around campus for more than 10 minutes before finding a parking space.  He said, even then, it's normally not near the building he needs to get to.

However, some of the students like the idea of the new walkway, but they felt it could have been done at a different.  One student said he feels they should have built a new parking lot before removing one.

Owen said the police department on campus conducts parking lot surveys every year.  They found that even during the busiest times of the day, the parking lots are only 89-percent full.  Owen said students will have to compensate by parking at different parking lots.  Even if it's not in front of the building they are going to.

Alexandra McClung, Newschannel 6