Jeremy Thornburg Murder Trial Continues

Wednesday was day two of the Thornburg Murder Trial.

He is accused in the disappearance and murder of his ex-girlfriend Candice Shields.

Thornburg claimed she was three months pregnant with his baby.

She disappeared from her grandparent's home in Graham on December 11th, 2011.

The defense requested a mistrial on Tuesday, but Judge Stephen Bristow denied the request.  The family and friends of Shields were very pleased with the ruling.

Prosecutors brought three people to the witness stand.  They were Lieutenant James Reeves with the Graham Police Department, Texas Ranger Richard Lane, and Thornburgs mother.

During the testimony Texas Ranger Lane and Lt. Reeves talked about all of their findings in the last three years.  This included some of their interviews, where they searched, and how they pressed forward with the investigation.

During Lt. Reeves testimony,  an interview he did with Thornburg was played.  Also in the interview room was Texas Ranger Lane.  Lt. Reeves said it was the first interview they did with him.  Both of them asked Thornburg if he knew where she was multiple times.  He denied knowing where she was and said she could have just run away from her problems.

Texas Ranger Lane  was asked similar questions by the prosecution.  Lane said in January 2013, he and Lt. Reeves went to Sweetwater, Tx to talk to Sarah Santiago.  She was another ex-girlfriend of Thornburg's.  After telling authorities she feared for her life, she agreed to talk part in a phone recording with Thornburg.

Prosecutors played the CD with the audio track on it.  During the recording, everyone in the courtroom could hear Santiago telling Thornburg she feared for her life.  She told him she was afraid he would do the same thing he did to Candice, to her. 

During the conversation he said he was worried someone was listening to their conversation.  During the heated conversation between Santiago and Thornburg, she said "So you killed her?"  He responded by saying "yeah."  Then he went on to say he had already told her why he killed Shields and didn't want to talk about it anymore.  During the phone call Thornburg admitted to killing Shields.

However, the defense said Thornburg could possibly be lying about the murder.  They said he used it as a scare tactic. 

Texas Ranger Lane also talked about Lajuana Long.  She is also charged with murder in the Shield's disappearance.  She also has a child with the defendant.

He talked about how they interviewed her multiple times.  During the first interview he said she claimed she had no idea what happened to Shields.  However, when she found out Thornburg was charged with murder and that authorities suspected she wasn't telling the whole truth, she said she wanted to tell them everything.  The interview was on February 24th, 2013. 

Texas Ranger Lane said she went into detail about the murder.  She said Thornburg called her the day of the murder to tell her where he was and when it was done.  Basically, she went over the plan they had about a month before the murder, making it look like it was premeditated.

Long also told authorities she gave Thornburg bleach before the murder happened.  She told authorities he said he buried her under logs.  This led authorities on a long search for Shields, but never found her remains.

According to interviews authorities conducted, they found out that Long told Thornburg she wanted Shields gone.  She didn't want their daughter around Shields.

When Thornburg's mother, Lychellle Doolittle, took the stand, she had a hard time holding back tears.  You could tell it was difficult because she didn't look at him once and had her body turned away from him.  She said she never thought her son could be involved.  However, that changed when authorities came to the door saying was charged with murder in Shield's missing case.  His mother said it wasn't until then that she started putting the pieces together.  She said he never seemed upset or concerned when Shields went missing.  There were other signs as well.

The court will resume on Thursday at 9:00a.m.  All three witnesses from Wednesday are expected to be recalled to the stand.

, Newschannel 6

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