West Nile Worries In Wichita Falls

West Nile Worries In Wichita Falls

When the sun sets on Friday its very likely that a majority of Texomans will be outside getting ready to watch another high school football game. However, if those games are in Wichita Falls they might want to stay inside or at least make sure they are wearing clothes that fully cover their arms and legs.

Wichita Falls recently recorded its fourth case of West Nile Virus, that's four times the amount of cases recorded in 2013. Environmental Administrator Susan Morris said that the "hotober" weather

is providing a good breeding environment for the mosquitos.

"They like to be out when we're out and when we're active they're active. We're concerned anytime we have a human exposure or a human case of West Nile Virus. We just want to remind people

to be aware," said Morris.

Not everyone is aware. In Lucy Park I found Steven Brawley walking the trails at sunset, a peak hour for mosquito activity.

"I live in Wichita Falls and no I did not know there were any reported cases," said Brawley.

The four reported cases in 2014 don't seem to bother Brawley.

"Not too worried, no, but then again, that's cause I did not know about the cases," said Brawley.

Just to the left of Brawley is the Wichita river, but Morris said that it's not running water, but still stagnant water around homes that provide the most dangerous breeding zone. Brawley said items in his backyard have collected standing water due to the recent rains.

"Last week I did see some in there I was like no, poured it out into the garden," said Brawley.

Looking at Brawleys arm a small bite indicates he was bit at least once. Even though he is not worried Morris said the threat of a West Nile Virus carrying mosquito biting him is a serious one.

"We need to be vigilant and protect ourselves use mosquito repellant with deet, dress with long sleeves and long pants, and be aware that these mosquitoes are very active dusk till dawn," said Morris.

The mosquito season here in Texoma will only die out after the first "Big Freeze" said Morris. It is possible that warm temperatures could extend the season until late November.

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