Make Your Halloween Sweet Not Sour

The countdown to candy day is officially on. Halloween is just 11 days away. So Newschannel 6 Anchor Ashley Fitzwater spent the afternoon looking out for your little ones, to make sure the 31st is a safe and tear free event, and it starts with the perfect costume.

It's often a race to the next house on Halloween night, with one goal in mind. That goal is taking home lots of trick or treat goodies. But the costumes shown off along the journey are often blamed for the trips and falls.

Making it dangerous especially if a kid falls near the street. That's why costume choice is key for one Texoma mother.

" I like costumes that light up or have a light feature. So if you are out trick-or- treating and it's dark, people can see you and also you can keep up with your kids," said Tiffany Trevino.

Wichita Falls Police Officer Brandie Banda said it's also wise to add reflective tape to dark outfits, and for everyone to carry a glow stick.

Another safety concern is masks, especially the ones that completely cover the face. They may look cool, but Officer Banda said it makes it hard to breath and see.

"If you do want to wear one of those, make sure you have someone with you at all times, that can help you if you have to step off the curb," said Officer Banda.

Instead she suggests make-up, that allows you to be creative without the concern of something obscuring your vision.

Another concern is the threat of who might be behind the door your child walks up to.

"You can always go online and see where sexual predators are in your neighborhood and make sure your child stays away from that area," said Officer Banda.

Police remind parents that kids 12 and under should always have a parent with them.

Now when the night finally comes to an end, and it's time to dump out the bucket, make sure those treats are checked out before they're gobbled up.

Any unwrapped candy you find, just throw away. Also toss any home made treats. "If you don't know what house they came from go ahead and throw away to be on the safe side," said Officer Banda.