MSU Ebola Forum

MSU Ebola Forum
Wichita Falls, TX - 

With the increasing fear of the Ebola virus spreading, Midwestern State University will host a forum Tuesday night to educate students and the public about the deadly disease.

Newschannel 6 reached out to event organizers to see why they

decided to put on this event. Dr. Karen Palvado, a registered nurse and associate professor at MSU said there's been so much information disseminated about this health issue that hope the forum will be able to put some people at ease.

Dr. Robert McBroom, an Infectious Disease Specialist in Wichita Falls will give a presentation about transmission and treatment of the virus. Following his presentation, there will be a question and answer session for students and the public to discuss any concerns they may have about the virus. Dr. Palvado said she hopes creating a dialogue between students, community members and health official will ease peoples concerns about the Ebola virus.

"We think that it is important to take the lead to make sure that the community gets the information they need, because the only way to fight the fear about this is with knowledge, and get the facts out," said Dr. Palvado.

The Gunn College of Health Sciences and Human Services is hosting the event. It's free and open to the public. The event will take place Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m. on MSU's campus at the Dillard College of Business, RM 101.

If you are not able to attend the event, the university will be live streaming on its website:

You can also ask panelist questions by tweeting them, via Twitter, using the hashtag #MWSUTheBigE

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