Ebola Forum In Wichita Falls

Ebola Forum In Wichita Falls

Texomans are eager to learn all they can about Ebola. Midwestern State and local health officials were present to hold a town hall forum discussing the deadly virus. It was standing room only as people packed the west wing of the MSU business building.

The forum was being streamed and tweeted live on the internet for all to see. Some could be seen watching, watching livestreams on tv's outside of the room where the forum was held.

Family Nurse Practitioner Karen Poleado said the massive coverage of the virus has resulted in a lot of disinformation about Ebola.

"Those fears come from a lack of information a lack of knowledge people think you can get it by just walking down the street or sitting in a bus with some person but that is just not the case," said Poleado.

Many who attended hoped the forum would help give them solid answers on what to really believe.

"Well, you know if it did come to our city it would help us because we would know what some of the aspects are, so I think it's very important that way we know how to protect ourselves what we need to do and all that," said Edward Mark.

The forum lasted around two hours and after such a question and answer session took place with multiple health leaders from across Texoma who explained the origin, treatment and transmission of the disease.