Traffic And Safety Concerns Brewing Up At Area Starbucks

Traffic And Safety Concerns Brewing Up At Area Starbucks
Wichita Falls, TX - 
Traffic congestion and safety concerns at the newly renovated Starbucks in Wichita Falls has some customers speaking out.

Danielle Glenn, a seasonal Starbuck coffee drinker, told Newschannel 6  every time she visits the franchise located on the corner of Kell and Kemp Boulevard, it's “super packed,” inside and out. 

"Especially if you want to go in instead of going through the line, because the line is taking up the whole parking lot. So you can't get into a parking space or you can't get out,” said Glenn.“Because people would wait on the street to get inside.” 

On Tuesday, Newschannel 6 spent several hours at Starbucks and witnessed multiple people struggling to enter and exit the parking lot. 

A safety concern some customers said Starbucks attempted to fix, when it closed off one of its entrances and turned it into more parking spaces.

We asked our viewers on Facebook what they thought about the business renovations. 

Margaret Trebing wrote "I think it was a much needed alteration, to not only avoid congestion, but for safety."

Monica Garcia wrote "It's still bad. It's just a bad spot for it. They need a bigger location."

Newschannel 6 reached out to management at Starbucks and Corporate Media Relations about customers' concerns and they have yet to return our calls. 

Jimmie Johnson

, Newschannel 6