Thornberry Talks Threats to the Homeland

Thornberry Talks Threats to the Homeland

On Thursday afternoon, Congressman Mac Thornberry (R-TX) gave a presentation on the status of U.S. national security. From growing terrorism in Iraq and Syria to cyber attacks, Thornberry says that America's security is threatened like never before.

"I think that is what is so different about this time," Thornberry said, "is that there are so many different kinds of threats, from disease to nuclear weapons that we need to pay attention to."

One of those threats is Ebola, both in West Africa and here in the United States. Thornberry says that Ebola is a serious threat and needs to be dealt with, and supports travel restrictions for those in Ebola hotspots. He worries, however, about the military dealing with the Ebola outbreak. He says that troops get stretched too thin when the military is the only part of our government competent enough to do something.

"The military is shrinking, meanwhile we're asking them to do more and more...that's a recipe for greater danger," Thornberry said.

With the Midterm Election right around the corner, some critics of Congressman Thornberry say that he pays too much attention to national issues and not enough to the concerns of those in Texas' 13th District.

"I think the first job of the federal government is to defend the country. What happens with our national security affects us as much as it does everybody else," Thornberry responded.

The congressman also talked more about the problems of a diminishing military. With decreased enrollment and budget cuts to national defense, Thornberry says that if current cuts continue, by 2018 the Air Force could be the smallest since it was first founded in the 1940s.