Abbott In The Falls

Wichita born, now Texas Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate was able to spend a few hours in the falls talking to supporters. Abbott started off by defending the states controversial, but recently reinstated a voter ID law.

"It's a battle to defend the voter ID law here in the State of Texas. Voter fraud is real and must be stopped and I will continue this fight and prevent cheating and illegal voting in the ballot box in Texas," said Greg Abbott.

Abbott then spoke out against his Democratic Wendy Davis.

"She took a stance against second amendment rights. It is not the kind of liberalism we need in the state of Texas," said Abbott.

Many who showed up today said they agree with Abbott's ideals.

"I'm supporting Greg Abbott because he is a wonderful man, a good christian. As a Conservative man he has sued the United States Government for their overreach into our local governments and I support the efforts he has made in doing that," said supporter Darlene Skinner.

Newschannel6 was able to get a few minutes of 1 on 1 time with the current Texas Attorney General to discuss the state's water issues.

"Now we need the innovation, and we're seeing Wichita Falls playing a leading role in advancing water development in Texas. Perhaps more than any other location," said Abbott.

As for Texas's roughly 300 billion dollars worth of debt, Abbott said he would use the roughly 200 billion dollars worth of revenue funds to reduce it.

The early voting period ends October 31st, Halloween, and election day is Tuesday November 4th.

 Jack Carney, Newschannel6