7th Annual Kid's Safe Street

Kiowa Casino celebrated its 7th annual Kid's Safe Street Halloween event Sunday afternoon.

Kid's Safe Street in Devol, Oklahoma is an event for the families of Texoma to celebrate Halloween in a safe and friendly environment.

Many characters from minions, mummies, the mad hatter, a ninja turtle and even the Obrien family got into the Halloween spirit a few days early.

"We come every year and we're pretty excited about it," said Texoma parent, Lisa Obrien.

The Obrien's weren't the only characters in attendance.  A Ghostbuster made a very special appearance.

“We were invited out here to Kid's Safe Street just to entertain.  I love taking pictures with kids.  There are some that think it's real, some of the adults think it's real," said Texhoma Ghostbuster, Mark Bristow.

Of course the best treat of all to everyone in attendance was safety.

“It's a good area to come to.  It's safe, it's cornered off so that people can come here and walk around.  It's just a lot of things to do," said the Chief Operating Officer at Kiowa Casino, Jim Laporte.

, Newschannel 6