BBB Warns of a New Scam in Wichita Falls

The Better Business Bureau is warning of a Publishers Clearing House scam active in our area. Consumers have reported receiving calls from representatives who claim to be with Publishers Clearing House (PCH) who are really out to get your money. Scammers claiming that they are with Publishers Clearing House instruct the consumer to go out and buy a Green Dot money card and instructs the consumer to call them back with the card number and information. Sometimes they will ask the consumer to send money via a wire service in order to pay up front the "taxes and fees" so the prize(s) can be released. The typical "prize" is a million or so dollars with usually a fancy car thrown in for good measure. The typical, so-called "taxes and fees" amount that consumers have reported averages around $300-$500.

Should you receive a call from someone saying they are from Publishers Clearing House, keep these BBB tips in mind first:

· Publishers Clearing House will never notify you beforehand that they plan to stop by to award your prize-it should be an absolute surprise.

· You cannot win a prize if you did not enter.

· PCH will never ask for money upfront in order for you to claim your prize.

It is good practice to run the information you learn by a trusted friend, family member, neighbor, lawyer, or even the BBB before you go blindly to claim your prize.