Thornberry Speaks to Students About Security

United States Representative Mac Thornberry  gave students something to talk about about after a visit to Midwestern State University.

Thornberry addressed the state of America's national security at 9:30 a.m. in the Clark Student Center Shawnee Theater on Thursday, October 30, as part of the Midwestern State University Prof Edwards Discussions in Politics Series.

"Some argue that we have not had this many serious national security concerns all at once since at least the late 1970s and perhaps since the end of World War II," Thornberry said. "From the growing terrorism in Iraq, Syria, and Africa to the dangers of an insecure border, Ebola, and our military facing massive defense cuts, America's security and safety are at risk."

This is the sixth year for the Prof Edwards Discussions in Politics Series. The event was named in memory of former MSU Political Science Professor (1923-1958) and Board of Regents member (1993) Atticus F. "Prof" Edwards. The discussions began as a way to build on Edwards' desire to promote collegial discussions in politics between faculty, students, and the community in an informal setting, and to spark interest in the important issues facing the campus, city, state, country, and world. Past topics of the Prof Edwards Series include voting, the role of armed services and U.S. Defense Policy in a changing world, Asian policies, and the Constitution 10 years after Sept. 11, 2011.