Vehicle Burglaries Increase on Halloween Night

Statistics show vehicle burglaries increase 80-percent on Halloween night.  No one really knows why, but it could be because people are out treat-or-treating, so it might go unnoticed.

Sergeant Harold McClure with the Wichita Falls Police Department said locking your vehicle is the best way to prevent yourself from become a victim.  He said it's the easiest, quickest, and the best thing you can do.

“You would be surprised how many people don't lock their cars,” Sgt. McClung said.

He said when burglars are walking by a car, they're just checking the door handles to see if the door is unlocked.  If it's locked, he said they just move on.

Sgt McClung said, “They're just looking for an easy target.”

The W.F.P.D. said to “Lock It, Take It, Hide It.”

“If you have any items in your car of value, say your purse, say your phone, say your computer or like an iPad or anything of that nature, hide it,” Sgt McClure said.

However, you should just take it out of your car to be sure.  You never know where they will look.  Burglars aren't just looking to take your valuables though.

“One of the big things they will look for when they break into the vehicle is not so much like a computer or phone, or even the change in the tray,” Sgt McClung said, “They're also looking for identity information.  So now you're a subject of identity theft.”

Sgt. McClure said when you look in someone's glove compartment, people have old registration papers, old insurance, and sometimes old mail.  All of the papers have your personal information on them.  So remove all of it, except for your car insurance.

If you have a garage, park inside.  However, if you don't, or there are already cars inside, then make sure to remove everything of value and anything with your personal information on it.

Sgt. McClure said, “You want to make it as difficult on them as possible.”

Slashed tires, broken windows, and decorations on a vehicle are the most common claims State Farm gets.  They also get some claims about houses, but they said it's nothing serious.  Usually just egging, or having toilet paper thrown on their property.

Remember, you can always call W.F.P.D. if you want to put your house under a patrol check.

, Newschannel 6