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Thousands Show Up For Safe Kids Halloween

Thousands Show Up For Safe Kids Halloween

Over 3,000 people packed into the J.S. Bridwell Agriculture Center to take part in Newschannel6 Safe Kids Halloween. Trick or treater's lined around the building just waiting to get in and get their candy. Manuel Ysasi and Heather Thompson were one of the many who brought their kids.

"The kids love it Halloween is like one of their favorite holidays. We came out here last year, it's safe and it's indoors that is a plus. You know with three little girls, it's kind of hard," said Ysasi.

Though he prefers the traditional method, Ysasi said it's easier than taking his kids around the neighborhood. At Safe Kids Halloween sponsors provide each trick or treater a piece of candy as they pass by. Thompson said that she believes that the method is safer and more transparent than going door to door.

"I think it would be fine with the door to door thing too, but you just have to watch who you go to," said Thompson. She added sometimes you don't know your neighbors so this event provides less hassle.

It took most families about 20 minutes to get through the whole thing. Once through Ysasi, Thompson and their three children had plenty of candy to take home with them. They said they plan on coming back to the event next year.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6

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