Wichita County Commissioner Precinct No.2 Candidate Profiles

Wichita Falls, TX-

In Wichita County, four candidates are running to fill two seats on Wichita County Commissioners Court.  

Newschannel 6 reached out to candidates running for county commissioner, precinct No. 2.

Republican candidate Lee Harvey and Democratic candidate Tom Bursey both said they have a heart for Texoma, but disagree on how the county should move forward. When the two candidates were asked what they thought was the most pressing issue with the county, each said the county jail.

"I think building a new jail is probably one of the best things we can do to eliminate overcrowding," said Bursey. "It would also help alleviate a lot of the expense for housing inmates out of county."

"We got to be in compliance with the state of Texas. We're talking millions of dollars to do that," said Harvey. "I don't think we need a new jail complex. I think that we need to expand the one that we have and just not trying to break the bank to get in compliance with the state."

According to the Texas Commission on Jails as of Novemeber first, the Wichita County Jail sits at 86 percent capacity. The jail currently has about 521 inmates and has 42 available beds.

Another issue candidates feel is of equal importance is the county budget.

"I think we just maintain our current tax level, but I think we just budget our tax dollars a little bit differently than we have done in the past," said Harvey. "There are some things that as a business owner that we can implement that could provide better services and cost us less money."

"I want to be able to get in and primarily help control the budget. Make sure there are no unnecessary expenditures. Make sure that everything the county purchases is actually needed. By doing that will help keep tax rates at a reasonable level."

Bursey said his experience in the military, working with local organizations throughout the community and ability to listen to people is his greatest asset.

Harvey a businessman said he has lots of experience working in finance, managing multi-billion dollar budgets, which he believes will separate himself from his opponent. He said he also knows the people in the community and they know him as well.

, Newschannel 6