Wichita County Commissioner Precinct No.4 Candidate Profiles

Wichita County Commissioner Precinct No.4 Candidate Profiles

Wichita Falls, TX- Candidates running for Wichita County Commissioner Precinct No. 3 are giving one final push as Texomans head to the polls to vote Tuesday.

Throughout the election season Newschannel 6 has been your election central, providing you with profiles of candidates from all the races.

On Monday, we spoke with both candidates vying to for the County Commissioner Precinct No. 3.

Republican candidate Jeff Watts, a native Wichitan and businessman and Democratic candidate Allyn Arnold, a veteran. We asked each candidate questions about issues the county faces.

"The drought issue and water issues in wichita county are paramount. we can't do anything until we overcome or at least see solutions that are going to allow us to encourage people to come to our county," said Watts.

"The current jail we have in the courthouse is substandard. It barely meets the codes of the state. even though their inmates they need to have some decent care. so my solution would be to add on to the sprague annex," said Arnold.

Arnold said the current jail is antiquated. He said it has not been properly maintained and believes the best alternative would be to expand by building additional housing for inmates at the site of the jails extension facilities.

Watts said he understands the drought is not something the commissioners court would directly be responsible for handling. However, as a lifelong resident of texoma believes it is everyone's responsibility to lend a helping hand. He said the dire need for water doesn't just affect the city of Wichita Falls, but can also hinder economic growth across Texoma.

When we asked candidates how they would go about handling a budget, both said they would be conservative with spending.

"The main thing is the budget. We have to go through the budget to pay all employees and all the different things we have going on in the county. we want to keep it tight. we don't want to be liberal with our spending," said Arnold.

"I think the county uses conservative approaches to everything. I want to see us continue to do that," said Watts. "I want to see our taxes stay at the same, at the same time maintain public services that we do for the citizens."

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