Attendance and Profits at Castaway Cove Were Down Last Season

A new attraction that's a first in the state will call Wichita Falls, home to help boost the city owned Castaway Cove.  It's perfect timing because attendance was down at the park for the fourth straight year.

Around 2,000 went to the park last season, profiting only $1,500.  However, Castaway Cove will open in 2015 despite everything against it.  The drought is one of the reason profits and attendance was low, but it was also because there was a chance the water park wouldn't open at all.

“We had to haul the water.  That was a very expensive proposition,” Kent Lemasters, the President and CEO for the Amusement Aquatic Manage Group said.

The city spent more than $80,000 to haul in the water.  Lemasters said it was worth it to haul in the water and have less profit rather than not opening the park at all.  It the park didn't open they would have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Lemasters said, “Normally our profit runs in the hundred thousand plus dollars.”

A new ride, already being built, could bring in more business.

“If we increase attendance to the park, that will bring more revenue into the city of Wichita Falls and more recreation for the city,” Lemasters said.

Castaway Cove had a record breaking profit the last time they put in a new ride.

“The two record years that the park had, the profits were nearly $300,000,” Lemasters said, “That was in 2011 when the temperature average about 100 degrees and in 2008 when we put in the new cliffhanger.”

Park officials predict the new ride, Aqua Loop, will boost profits at Castaway Cove next year.

Many Texomans reached out to Newschannel 6 on the Facebook page, wondering where the money for the new ride would come from.  It will come from the profits they have made over the past five years, so it will not come out of taxpayer pockets.

, Newschannel 6