Dog Day in Court

Animal cruelty cases are rare in Wichita County.  On Thursday a woman was in court facing charges for a case that a veterinarian said is the worst case she has seen in over 30 years.

Part of what makes this case one of the worst the testifying veterinarian had ever seen was due to the condition of the dog.

Roxanne Arredondo pleaded guilty to Cruelty for Non-Livestock Animal by tying her dog up and starving it.  The pictures were so gruesome, we aren't releasing them, but the details are graphic.  The dog's condition was so bad it was infested with insects to the point they were actually eating away at the dog's eyes, while it was still alive.

The dog was rescued, after her landlord found the dog in July 2012 while he was mowing the yard.  He called Burkburnett Animal Control immediately to let them know what was going on.  When Animal Control got there, they immediately took the dog to the shelter for treatment, but it was too late.  It didn't even make it through the night.

Arredondo took the stand on Thursday with an emotional story.  She said she got the dog in February 2012 for her family, even though she was dealing with financial troubles.  Arredondo took the dog to the vet once, but never followed up.  Arredondo was arrested a few days later.

On the stand, she admitted to neglecting the dog, but said she never intended for this to happen.  Arredondo also said she would be willing to do jail time for the crime she committed.  She said she wished she had done more to save the dog's life.

Sentencing is set for December 5


, 2014.  Since it is a bench trial, the judge will determine the punishment.

Prosecutors want this case to send a message to all of Wichita County that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.

There was also a codefendant in this case.  He was found guilty and was sentenced to 10 months behind bars earlier this year.

, Newschannel 6