CPS Transformation

CPS Transformation

The Texas Child Protective Services Assistant Commissioner was in Wichita Falls today, talking to the public and CPS staff members about the organization's transformation. The effort is a process to make child protection in the Lone Star State as effective as possible.

"The thing Texomans need to know is we will have a child protection agency that is able to respond quickly to make sure children are safe, they are able to provide services to families more quickly, and then they are able to have the tools to support when we no longer need to be involved with families," Deputy Assistant Commissioner of CPS George Cannata said.

Child Protective Services' Transformation process began when the Department of Family Protective Services hired the Steven's Group to conduct a review of CPS. One of the most glaring findings in the report was that caseworkers only spend about one quarter of their time with children and families. Cannata feels CPS can fix this situation.

"By reducing the amount of time with paperwork, and reducing the amount of time staffing with 3 levels of supervision, we feel like we can give them more time with families."

None of these efforts will be successful without a comprehensive training program for CPS staff. Beginning in January, in an effort to refocus more on the families in need, CPS will pilot their revised training, where the orientation is going to take part eighty percent in the field, as opposed to eighty percent in the classroom.

Cannata also said that all investigative staff will be equipped with a more robust, data driven risk assessment by the end of August. CPS is also in the process of modernizing their entire database, which is set to be completed in the 2016/2017 fiscal year.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6