MSU President Search

MSU President Search

The Midwestern State University board of regents is still searching for a new president. The board has seen few interested and even fewer apply after announcing they would accept applications in late September. The board spent most of todays meeting discussing increasing future enrollment and making sure the university would have adequate housing for future student body growth.

Current MSU President Doctor Jesse Rogers said he would play a limited role in helping decide who will run the school.

"I'm really not involved in that. My job as president is to continue to be president. I understand from the board that it's going along well and they had a session to discuss it today. The board or the search committee has not seen a number of applications, yet the application deadline runs up through February. There has been no indication as to how may applications have come in," said Doctor Jesse Rogers.

The school is unlikely to make a decision before or shortly after the February deadline. Doctor Jesse Rogers will continue to serve as the MSU President until August 2015 when he plans to retire.

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