Winterize Your Vehicle

Winterize Your Vehicle
Wichita Falls, TX -

Every year during winter, millions of Americans are stranded in the cold on United States highways because of vehicle failures.

In preparation for the wintery weather Newschannel 6 reached out a local mechanic shop to find out what drivers need to do to prep their vehicle for winter season. We visited the guys at Todd's Service Center located on Callfield Street.

What you need to do is check your belts, hoses, battery, and antifreeze to make sure it's down, it isn't full of water. Make sure the mixture's right, Ray Stevens, Owner of Todd's Service Center.

While preparing your vehicle for the winter weather is a lot of work it could save you from being stalled on the highway.

"The number one problem I see with the cars that come through here is people tend to overlook their belts, hoses and battery," said Stevens.

Stevens said all these issues could be avoided if people would keep up with their vehicles recommended maintenance and not waiting until winter when the problem occurs. 

It's not just under the hood you need to worry about, but slick roads can be problematic for your tires as well.

"I tell my customers every third oil change, look at your tires real good. Make sure they're wearing real good. Keep them rotated. Keep them balance. Look for any abnormal wear patterns," said Stevens. "That's required to pass state inspection and make sure you have your air pressure maintained in them."

, Newschannel 6