Three Cheers for Austyn Grace and Hirschi

Three Cheers for Austyn Grace and Hirschi

Austyn Grace Lawler has always dreamed about being a cheerleader and on Friday afternoon the Hirschi Huskies made that dream come true.

The three-year-old was honored at the football team's pep rally.  She was diagnosed with brain cancer in January.  Since she was so young and the tumor was so large, there wasn't a great chance she would survive, but she beat the odds.  She went through chemotherapy, which is rare for someone her age.

It left her with a large scar on her head, but she thinks it's from an alligator bite.  That's what her father told her.

The team made her a cheerleading outfit and gave her a pair of pom-poms.  You could see how happy she was while she cheered.  They also made a cross that said "Amazing Grace." Best of all, she was able to cheer with the squad.  The football team's quarterback also got shirts signed by the whole team and the cheerleaders for the young girl and her family.

The gesture impacted her and her family deeply. 

Her dad said, "She was excited out there. I could see she was a little nervous, but she got to be a cheerleader today, so that made me the happiest dad ever just watching her be able to do it."'

Austyn has all the reason to cheer, since she is now cancer-free.