Produce Pick Helps Save Money

Produce Pick Helps Save Money

Texomans are looking to save money on fresh produce as the winter weather approaches. If you're trying to keep your wallet fat the all volunteer national cooperative group, Bountiful Baskets is in Texoma to help.

Because the group is all volunteer and not run like an actual business, there are no overhead cost relayed onto the consumer. Users can log onto the website, punch in a user name and password, pay a standard fee and get a bounty full of fruits and vegetables. Those who join, combine cost and buy in bulk splitting up the purchase.

The orders are shipped in and then distributed individually.

"Instead of them paying grocery store prices they are getting about 60 dollars of fruits and vegetables for about 18 dollars," said Shauna LaRocque who helps run the co-op in Wichita Falls.

LaRocque works with about 12 other volunteers to help set up the weekly pickups. They number and lay out the amount of baskets applicable to the amount of orders that week. The pickup time last around thirty minutes and takes place every Friday around 5:30 in the afternoon. The group is always looking for more volunteers to help set up, organize and distribute.

, Newschannel6