One Texoma Church Honored Our Veterans with a Veteran's Day Service

Even though Veternan's Day is on Tuesday, the Texoma Cowboy Church decided to honor our veterans, our heroes, Sunday morning.

“The reason we had this event was really to honor those who are currently serving or those who have served in any of the armed forces.  We just want to take some time to really acknowledge them and to honor them for what they've done for our country and for each and every one of us," said Pastor of the Texoma Cowboy Church, John Riggs.

From the Navy, to the Marines, to the Air Force, to the Army there were many members of the Armed Forces in attendance for the Veteran's Day service.

91-year-old World War II Veteran, Glenn Lawson, from Missouri was one of them.

"In World War II I was a radio operator on the B-17 bomber and we flew 30 missions over France and Germany," said Lawson.

Newschannel 6 also asked Lawson what Veteran's Day means to him.

“It means freedom to all of us freedom, freedom, freedom.  When a lot of men and women fail to return from service they give their life.  I came back, praise God, without a scratch," said Lawson.

Pastor, John Riggs agrees with Lawson.

“It really makes me appreciate number the freedoms that we have and to be honest that we often take for granted.  Veteran's Day to me means a lot of appreciation for this country,” said Riggs.

Lawson's plan for this Tuesday, Veteran's Day, is to be at home with his family.

, Newschannel 6