Community Service Champion: November

Community Service Champion of the Month: November

Newschannel 6's Ken Johnson starts the year off with a Community Service Champion for the month of November.

The Newschannel 6 community service champion for the month of November is a couple that is giving back after what some would already call a full life.  They have been getting up every day for the last seven years to deliver food to senior citizens who need it in Iowa Park.  Norman Bear starts his day with a trip to the Friendly Door, a senior citizen center in Iowa Park.  Here, he loads up his car with meals and boxes of food and hits the road.

Bear said, "I take off and pick up my wife.  She lives just right over here. We start our route which is north one."

Bear's wife Kathy, actually got them started.  She said they had so much time on their hands and this came up so they decided to give it a go.  The couple delivers meals to 23 peoples homes, but to them, it's about more than just helping give out food.

"People will visit that don't get visitors. They'll say, I'm glad I get to see you because your the only one that's coming by."

Kathy said they have made many friends, especially the one they call Ms. Sunshine!

"Even though she had a cancer scare, she always has a smile on her face and is happy to see us," Ms. Sunshine said, "if i need anything, I can talk to them about it. They are like family."

Jeri Vassar, who is the director of the meals on wheel's program at the Friendly Door agrees with what Ms. Sunshine says about the Bear's.

"Bear is our best volunteer.  He visits with each client he stops and sees and that's so important.  A lot of volunteers are all
these people see everyday."

The Bears deliver meals quickly.  In all, they said it takes them about 30 to 45 minutes.  Norman said it's great exercise his body needs.

"I have to be active.  It helps me in the morning so I can do what I want to in the afternoon."

It's something they both hope to do until they can't do it any more.  There's already in plan in place for when that time comes to keep it going.

"If we can't, ha ha, my daughter says she'll do it!"

The meals on wheels program in Iowa Park is always looking for people to serve. The program can not run without volunteers. All they ask for in one hour one day a week.  If you'd like to find out how you can help out, contact Jeri Vassar at the Friendly Door in Iowa Park.

If you know someone who goes above and beyond in their community, nominate them as a community service champion.