Laundry Pods Getting Makeover Because of Safety Concerns

Many companies are changing how laundry detergent pods  are packaged and the way they look so they don't resemble candy.

Many people agreed that change needs to happen, but some Texomans are concerned the change won't might be enough to keep kids safe.

A new study from the Journal of Pediatrics showed between 2012 and 2013 The United States Poison Control Centers got more than 1,7000 calls about kids who were exposed to the chemicals in the pods.  Over 700 children were hospitalized and one child died.

Kids often mistake the colorful packets for candy.  The concentrated dose inside the pods can be more dangerous than regular detergent.  Packet makers are looking to change to pods to make them less appealing to kids.  Many Texomans think it's a good idea.

"The color of the packages.  It just makes the kids go to it.  Candies are bright colors so that's bright colors.  So, I think they should," Mary Canava said.

Many other Texomans said it's not the pods that are the problem, it's the parents.

Don Ehlery, the Owner of the Beverly and 10th St. Laundry said, "Sometimes parents might just leave them around without thinking about it.  Maybe a brighter color would make them pay more attention to put them up where kids can't get them."

Texomans also suggested to make the pods bigger, so they can't fit in a child's mouth.  They also said making them out of thicker material will help kids from being able to bite through them.

Keeping laundry detergents out of kids reach is the easiest way to protect your kid. 

Packet makers have clear warning labels on their products and they have already changed the way the containers look.  Kids are unable to see what's inside.  They have also changed how to open the containers.  For example, Tide has three lid latches on the pod container.  Before it only had two in the front, but they added a third one on the side so it's harder for kids to get into.

Newschannel 6 reached out to Procter and Gamble Company, who distributes the Tide pods, but they weren't willing to comment.  They directed Newschannel 6 to the American Cleaning Institute, but they haven't returned our call.

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