Building For Youth

Cub Country is about to get a little bigger.

A 30 thousand square foot recreation center is being built in Olney, called, The Refuge.

The Refuge will be a place for youth, the teenagers of Olney and the surrounding communities to come to have fun in a safe and positive environment.

“We are out kind of in the middle of nowhere and a lot of these teens, they just have nothing to do and so they end up finding ways to get into trouble.  This Rec Center will provide them with a safe environment to have good clean fun," said Youth Pastor at the Olney Christian Community Center, Jesse Erhart.

Just down the street at a local grocery store, Stewart's Food Store, many of the Olney residents Newschannel 6 talked to felt the same.

“A lot of the parents, especially the parents of the older children, the teenagers, for years they've been talking about how they would really love to have some sort of positive activity for their children after school hours.  It's really great that something like that is coming to the community," said Olney parent, Deanna Baran.

Three years ago The Refuge was just a vision and now it is a reality. Construction started about two weeks ago.

“I'm just excited to have the opportunity to reach out to these kids and I know that the community of Olney will get behind it and they'll see the need, they'll see what this has to offer these kids," said Erhart.

The Refuge Recreation Center will offer to the youth a basketball and volleyball court, a stage for events and concerts and much more.

Construction on The Refuge Rec Center is expected to be finished by the end of February 2015.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6