Food Jackpot!

Food Jackpot!

Kiowa Casino helped bring in 37,000 pounds of canned goods to be donated to local charities, churches and other groups. The casino collected canned goods for six days as part of the casinos sixth annual food drive.

"Last year I thought we collected about 40,000 pounds so very close to what we've had every year," said James Laporte of Kiowa Casino.

One of the groups benefiting from the drive is Faith Mission, the group helps give refuge to homeless and those less fortunate.

"These canned goods are much needed, it does not take very long for us, we feed about 5-600 meals a day in the two locations so we will put this to use immediately," said Steve Sparks of Faith Mission.

The food will help Faith Mission feed those in need for around two months. Food Service Director Michelle Ferguson said the food distributed to their shelter today is a blessing.

"This is going to support faith refuge and faith mission. So we have enough to feed the homeless," said Ferguson.

The food at Faith Mission is not just wanted, it is needed to help keep homeless Texomans alive.