Texoma Towns Give Thanks

Texoma Towns Give Thanks

Hero's come in many different forms, and all across the country men and women are fighting for our freedom. That's why on Veterans Day community's all over the nation come together to give thanks to those that serve.

Windthorst High School held a special ceremony Tuesday paying tribute to all local Veterans. Thanking the past, present, and future.

"It's kind of hard," said one World War II Veteran, Edmund Frodyma. "You remember the buddies that were with you all the time, then you wonder why I lived and they died."

The student's honored the Veterans by giving speeches, and paying tribute to the fallen solsolider'she students used roses to recount the memories of those lost at war.

Windthorst wasn't the only Texoma town to celebrate. The Bowie community gathered to give their thanks.

That celebration started with Bowie Boy Scouts introducing the ceremony. Sending a message loud and clear that the duty of those solidsolider'st be forgotten.

The community celebrated with cake, cookies, and decorations. Shining all the light on the local hero's.

"It's just another way to remind people, so that way they don't forget about us," said Bowie VFW Post Commander 8789, Joe Hill.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel six.