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Wichita Falls car washes are preparing to operate without using city water. City council voted that if lake levels are below 20% on or after January 31st of 2015 then car washes would no longer be able to operate using.

All American Car Wash has been preparing to operate without city water for the last year or so. They have already spent a $1 million on a water recycle system that helps them reuse 80% of their water. Now the All American Car wash said they are going for the whole 100%

and it cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars more.

This system here behind us represents a cleaning system that will clean our recycled water. The end goal is for us to continue to lead the way in conservation. So that we don't pull from the cities resources," said Jim Cadott of All American Car Wash.

It's all fairly new to Cadott, it's also a little hard to explain how the unique three phase water recycling system works.

"Uses advanced technology and some old technology in the form of living microbes that eat and help in the breakdown of a lot of contaminants...

We wanted to see that work we wanted to see how clean the water gets through that process taking again using recycled water reclaimed water," said Cadott.

In the end Cadott believes that all the money invested into his wash will benefit his employees, the customers and the city as a whole.

"If every business was as efficient with their water uses as we are I think we would have an opportunity to become one of the most efficient communities in the country," said Cadott.

A temporary financial burden that could turn out to be a future blessing for a much greener and environmentally friendly Wichita Falls.

 Jack Carney Newschannel6