Former Police Chief Fires Back

Former Police Chief Fires Back

A former Bowie Police Chief, David Lee Scruggs, has filed a lawsuit against the city he once served. The recent lawsuit comes a month after an a Montague County indictment that found Scruggs had abused his official capacity by allowing his son, Landon Scruggs, to fill his personal car on the taxpayer dime.

The recent lawsuit said that Scruggs was using his son Landon as a "confidential informant on a pending narcotic investigation in the police department."

It goes on to read that Scruggs was given a two day suspension for his actions and was told by the mayor that following completion of the suspension the incident would be a non issue. Sometime after the suspension a series of meetings occurred between Scruggs, city leaders and employees. During those meetings Scruggs alleges that the city was not following local and state government codes.

The full lawsuit contains five separate counts, including Age Discrimination, Violation of the Texas Government Code, Defamation, Malicious Prosecution and last Conspiracy to Interfere With Civil Rights.

Newschannel6 will talk with Bowie city leaders about the incident. We have also contacted Scruggs to talk with him about the recent lawsuit.

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