To Drip, Or Not To Drip

To Drip, Or Not To Drip
Wichita Falls, TX - 

City officials are urging residents and business owners to keep water conservation in mind as we enter into the winter season.

Newschannel 6 found out that some apartment complexes around the city were passing out flyers to their tenants,encouraging them to keep a steady stream of water running from their pipes, to keep them from freezing.

We brought this issue to Daniel Nix,Wichita Falls Utilities Operation Manager, he said, "We saw that last year also and our stance last year, and of course in this year again is that we would prefer people not to drip their faucets."

Nix said, he understands that residents and business owners want to protect their plumbing, but they must consider the times. Wichita Falls is under stage five drought restrictions.

He told us it is not illegal for people to run water to protect the plumbing. However, Nix said the city encourages other methods of protection.

"You can insulate the pipes, you can also heat trace critical pipes that the apartment complex feels might be at risk of breaking,"Nix said.

Since 2011, Nix told us the city has been trying to change the way the community uses water. In many ways people have done their part to conserve, but in frigid temperatures those practices can be given the cold-shoulder.

Last year, conserving water during the winter was a bigger concern because the city was still working to get the Temporary Water Reuse Project online.

"This year we do have the reuse project online, so the potential of capturing that [water] is better, but is still not a practice we want to condone," Nix said.

The city plans to reach out to businesses again this year about water usage during the winter months.

, Newschannel 6