Playing in the Cold

Playing in the Cold

There are a couple of measures that football teams in the Boys & Girls Club take to deal with the chilly weather.

"They have some jackets, they'll come out with their jackets and then they'll put their pads on," said Jason Richardson, the Athletic Director for The Boys & Girls Club of Wichita Falls. "For our Toy Bowl last year, we had a few teams bring out those big heaters that they had on the sidelines."

Richardson says he leaves it up to parents to make sure their kids are ready to play in the cold.

"They'll get more layers on, long sleeves, some thermal pants, gloves for the kids cause they get really cold when they are playing football or getting hit," Richardson said. "Really we leave it up to the players and coaches."

Richardson said if it gets too cold, coaches could potentially cancel practice, but it's not common. The only time The Boys & Girls Club would change their plans when it comes to playoff games is if snow made traveling on the roads difficult.

"I know two weeks ago it was really cold, that was the coldest we've played in since I've been around," Richardson explained, "and we had no issues, no complaints."

Last year during the championship game, Richardson said teams played in snow and sleet, with high temperatures only reaching the mid 30s.

The last game for The Boys & Girls Club is the All-Star Game for sixth graders on December 6. Teams will be outside practicing and playing games up until that point.

The good news for The Boys & Girls Club is that for their playoff games tomorrow, temperatures will be the warmest they've been since Monday. They will be playing their championship game, or Toy Bowl, next Saturday.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6