Bowie Responds To Lawsuit Made By Former Police Chief

Bowie Responds To Lawsuit Made By Former Police Chief

Former Bowie Police Chief David Lee Scruggs $200,000 lawsuit explains that he believes he was wrongfully terminated from his post. Bowie town manager Ricky Tow said the city is in the right.

Scruggs has served Bowie as both an officer and chief for nearly 30 years. However, in his lawsuit he admits to letting his son gain access to the city gas fill in his personal car. It explains that Scruggs was using his son Landon Scruggs as a confidential informant for a narcotics investigation.

"That was his claim to it and as of today we still don't have him as a listed informant for the city," said Tow.

The fifteen page lawsuit list Nicholas O'Kelly of Kilgore & Kilgore PLLC as Scruggs representative for the lawsuit. We reached out to O'Kelly however, he was unable to answer the phone and a message was left.

The lawsuit also explains that Scruggs was accused of sexual harassment by Bowie Judge Darla Cordell. It lists that a formal complaint was never filed. Tow said the city did investigate the allegation and it is no longer a city issue.

"The rangers the DA who's dealing with it. I mean we've we've been out of the investigating part of Mr. Scruggs since basically February," said Tow.

Newschannel6 was made aware of a Facebook post by a Callie Tyson that allegedly shows exchanged letters between Cordell and Scrggs. We have yet to confirm the legitimacy of these letters.

The lawsuit explains that no formal complaint was ever made by Cordell and the city has yet to produce one to this day. Tow said that the city did everything by the book.

"The city feels totally opposite of it and so now it will be between through the system we will work through it and see who's in the right or wrong and we will go from there," said Tow.

The two sides have two very different stories.

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