Community Crime Prevention

Community Crime Prevention

The Wichita Falls Police Department is trying to help curb crime in neighboring communities throughout the city. On Saturday Wichita Falls Police gave a free two hour presentation to help locals keep their community crime free.

More than 20 people showed up at the Martin Luther King Center in east Wichita Falls to be part of the presentation.

"We want to make sure the folks out there are aware and number 2 that we are doing everything that we can to take away the opportunity from a bad guy," said Wichita Falls Police Officer Jeff Hughes.

Hughes reminded those in attendance that their homes outside presentation could be an open invite to criminals. One of the biggest ways to prevent crime, according to Hughes is to use CPTED. Also known as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

We want to take away that opportunity by making sure our lights work by making sure that our landscaping is maintained and just simply by making sure that we are putting the perception out there that we do care about our neighborhood," said Hughes.

Police are encouraging people to use digital technology.

"The biggest site that we are dealing with now that we are endorsing fully is Nextdoor and it's simply just


The site is free and helps locals set up a Virtual community that they can interact with from the comfort of their own home.


it all happens in a web based program where if you send something out it gets to that group or that person instantaneously they get an alert on their phone they get an email," said Hughes.

According to Hughes, he has already seen a positive impact locally from the site and hopes it can continue to expand in Wichita Falls.