Texoma Celebrates Hangar Holiday

Christmas was in the air at the MPEC with the smell of cinnamon goods and the sounds of Christmas music.

The reason for the Christmas cheer was to celebrate the 29th year of Hangar Holiday.

“It was developed by a fundraiser for the Sheppard Officers' Spouses Club and with that money we always give scholarships to military spouses and dependants.  Then the other side of that is we give grants to non-profits in the local community," said President of the Sheppard Officers' Spouses Club, Susan Varnier.

S.O.S.C. gets their money for the grants and scholarships from the vendors at Hangar Holiday.

“We sell the booths to the vendors.  We don't charge admission, we don't get a percentage of what the vendors make, but all of that money comes from that," said Varnier.

One of the 200 plus vendors in attendance at Hangar Holiday, was Kaye Rice of Kat's Kitchen.

“It's very fulfilling.  I do 54 shows a year and to know that the booth rental for the show is for such a great cause is a very good feeling.  It means a lot,” said Rice.

For military spouses and dependants who would like to be a scholarship recipient and non-profit organizations in the community who would like a grant, click


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