Affordable Care Act: System Not Working

The Affordable Care Act website is crashing just like it did last year.

Newschannel 6 spoke to Texoma insurance agents about what they experienced over the weekend on Monday.  We uncovered it wasn't as smooth as officials told them it would be.

“The problems on the weekend had to do with people trying to re-enroll,” Kelly Fristoe, Owner of Financial Partners said.

Fristoe said that can be a big problem because if they don't remember the security questions the system put in place, they will be locked out immediately.  He said they can't sign up under a new e-mail because the system already has their social security number.  If this happens, you have to call the market place and be on hold for at least 15 minutes before speaking to a representative to reset the account.

Fristoe said this process can waste a lot of time.

“This is not a process that was thought through before we started this years open enrollment,” he said, “

did not take this into consider of the fact that people are not going to remember their use name and password.”

Fristoe said this can be frustrating, but the website crashing is also frustrating.  However Fristoe expected this to happen.

“I tried to tell people.  Prepare for delays, prepare for these kinds of problems and sure enough,” he said.

Fristoe said time is running out and every minute is key.

He said, “So it's like we're running out of that 720 hours.  It's just ticking away.”

Frost said the logical explanation to the system crashes is because it can't the amount of users on it at one time.  This was something they experienced last year.

He hopes the system will be fixed soon because time is running out and it's only going to get worse as the deadline approaches.

February 15


, 2015 is the deadline to sign up or re-enroll.

, Newschannel 6