Winter Weather School Decisions

Winter Weather School Decisions

Many schools across Texoma had a two hour delay Monday due to inclement weather. However, Wichita Falls Independent School District was one of very few that did not have a closure, or delay.

Many parents were angry that W.F.I.S.D. did not give students a delay for school. The decision to remain with regular school hours came only after a lengthy process. District officials started planning for weather preparations before the bad weather hit.  

Officials hit the streets of Wichita Falls late on Sunday and early Monday. Driving for hours on country roads, residential streets and highways.

"For example, around 3:30 this morning while we were out I drove over 45 miles to give my recommendation for what I felt was the best decision for our students and the safety of our bus drivers," said Brian Gibson, General Manager of Durham School Services.

Gibson wasn't the only one on the roads, many different school officials took their own routes throughout the city. They were keeping their eyes peeled for stranded drivers, slick spots, and accidents. They found that conditions were not bad for drivers, and students were not at risk. 

"We know it's cold, but the roads were passable," said Michelle Wood, Executive Director of Operations and Special Projects. "We feel confident that we took the right precautions, and we consulted with enough people to make the right decision to keep our kids safe."

The school also considered student's health, when it came to keeps campus doors open.

"Kids that don't have electricity or heat in their house, or may not get a hot meal this morning, all those decisions make a big impact on our decisions," said Wood.

While many different things were in consideration, Gibson said the school buses were fully prepared to handle the winter weather.

"Our drivers, they consider themselves to be professional drivers," Gibson said. "They already know when there is inclement weather, to leave a wider amount of space cushion if a car comes out in front of them."

The bus drivers also came in early to warm up buses, and stop earlier when it comes picking up students. School officials said bus drivers delivered 1700 students Monday, on time, and safe.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6