Drought Watch: Will Snow and El Nino Bring Relief To Texoma?

Drought Watch: Will Snow and El Nino Bring Relief To Texoma?

Wichita Falls, TX -

If you thought a wet winter was going to help Texoma bust the drought, think again.

Lakes Arrowhead and Kickapoo currently sit at a combined 21 percent and officials at the National Weather Service in Norman, Oklahoma said that number may likely decrease by the end of the year.

Newschannel 6 reached out to the NWS to see if the possibility for increased snowfall will help the drought and what are the chances of Texoma receiving a substantial elnino.

Meterologist Kevin Brown said the system that moved through our area over the weekend covered a large part of Texoma. He said that snow melted down only provided us with about a tenth of an inch of moisture; not enough to bring the lakes up a little bit.

Brown said significant snowfall cannot subsititute for rain. "Unless you get an excessive amount of snow, like upwards of eight to ten inches, or a foot of snow," said Brown. "You're still looking at well less than an inch of moisture that actually fell."

He also said despite the little snowfall, farmers that planted winter wheat this year may actually reep their harvest. Brown said the snow that fell will likely melt and that moisture is going to set into the ground and provide crops with much needed water.

As far as the winter outlook, Brown said over the last couple of months there were indications that North Texas including parts of Texoma may have a very substantial chance of elnino developing. However, he said those chances are quickly dwindling.

"The forecast from our partners at the Climate Predication Center really see kind of an average winter as far as precipitation goes and maybe slightly above average on temperatures as a whole," said Brown.

, Newschannel 6