Archer City Set To Recount ISD's Bond Vote

Archer City Set To Recount ISD's Bond Vote

Archer City, TX – After a request from residents in Archer City, Wednesday morning election officials will recount votes cast on the school district's bond issue that passed by seven votes on Nov. 4.  

Recount of votes for the $18.750,000 bond will take place at 10 a.m. at the city's courthouse.

Vicki Wright, Archer City, Election Administrator said election officials will begin printing out more than 800 ballots.

Wright told Newschannel 6 because the city uses an electronic voting system -- they must recount each ballot individually.

"We're going to have a committee of four: the school board president will be there. Two people that will be tallying and one person that will be counted and we'll have a person overseeing, plus me," said Wright.

She also said  four people for and against the bond will also be present out to watch election officials conduct the recount.

Newschannel 6 also reached out to the district's superintendent about the recount.

Archer City Superintendent CD Knoblock told us he thinks a bond will greatly benefit the city financially because its considered a chapter forty-one district.

If the bond passes, the Knowblock said the district plans to use the funds to demolition and rebuild of its junior high and high school, buy new turf for its football field, put a new roof on its elementary school and place a new fence around its playground. Other repairs include restroom renovations at its elementary school, gymnasium, as well as foundation repairs to existing structures.

He said no matter whether the recount passes or fails the community he believes the city will work together and do what is best for the children of the district.

"I think people are passionate about where they stand. They have stances for whatever reasons," said Superintendent Knobloch. "Whether you're for or against it, our community loves children, they love helping children and educating children. They know that children are our future, but look at it different ways."

Texas state law states that if the bond is overturned because of the recount it fails or ties - it fails. In order for the bond to pass, it must succeed by one or more votes.

When Newschannel 6 asked the superintendent if the bond failed would the district school board come back with a new one next election -- the superintendent said he does not know.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6