Mac Thornberry Selected As House Armed Services Committee Chairman

Mac Thornberry Selected As House Armed Services Committee Chairman

Armed services across the nation will now be in the hands of a Texan. The Texas House Representative Mac Thornberry has officially been selected as chairman of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee. He is the first Texan to ever earn that title.

He currently serves areas of Texoma as the U.S. Congressman of the 13th  District of Texas. Now his responsibilities will also consist of overseeing the Pentagon,  military services and Department of Defense agencies. 

Thornberry said part of his new responsibilities include identifying possible U.S. threats and taking action.

"I think our job is not so much making tactical decisions in today's world, but it is how we help prepare our country for what's coming," said Thornberry.

He said in order to prepare for the future, he will have to visit with the men and women serving the country. He said he is looking to see what the military men and women are doing, what they need, and how Congress can support them in carrying out their missions. From that, he said, he will also get a greater idea of what points of National Security the House need's to push forward.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6