New Doll Stirs Up Debate

Parents have a new option when it comes to buying a doll for their kids.  Manufactures said it could help with their confidence.

Many people across the nation have been talking about the Lammily Doll, including Texoma.  

She is very different from the average Barbie doll.  She is a shorter, broader and brunette version of the idealistic blonde Mattel doll. 

The designer based her off of the average American woman.  According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, the average woman weighs 166.2 lbs and has a 37.5 inch waist.  However, the doll proportions aren't the only thing that makes her different.  She also has accessories that kids can place on the doll.  This includes pimples, acne, moles, scars, cellulite, glasses, and much more.

Many Texomans we spoke to off camera said they think the doll is a good idea, but they felt the accessories were too much.  Many people who posted on the Newschannel 6 Facebook page felt the same.

One woman said, "I think the stickers are a bit much.  How many little girls know what a stretch mark is anyway." 

On the other hand, some people thought it helps kids understand that what they are going through is normal.  One man said he thinks the way dolls look all together needs to change.  He explained it affects how girls see themselves.  However, some people on Facebook disagreed with his opinion.

One woman said, "If a child has to pull from a doll her idea of self image, I feel that her parents are not doing a good job.  It's a toy, and my mother taught me the difference between fantasy and reality.

Retail stores in Wichita Falls said they don't have the doll in stock.  However, the maker said they will be shipped to stores before Black Friday, which is perfect timing for the holidays.  If you only shop online, the doll is available on the designers

for $25.

, Newschannel 6