Parents Speak Out About Alleged Hazing Incident At Iowa Park High School

Parents Speak Out About Alleged Hazing Incident At Iowa Park High School

Iowa Park, Texas -

Parents of Iowa Park High School students are speaking out following an incident where their kids were disciplined for an act they consider as hazing.

However, it's not the act that has parents on edge, but the punishment their child received and others did not.

Newschannel 6 talked to parents and they said school officials are not handling discipline for students accordingly.

Lathen Keath's son, Blake, a junior at the high school was present in the boys locker room when another student got his pants pulled down.

He said his son did not take part in what they consider as hazing, but did record the incident on his cellphone. However, did not post or share with others but said his son got the harsher punishment despite not committing the initial act.

"One kid got depantsed, got held down and depantsed, had his britches pulled down and some of the other boys either took snap videos or pictures," said Keath.

Keath told Newschannel 6 the reckless act occurred during an unsupervised elective period for Hawk football players last week. Since then, school administrators have handed down punishments. His son has to spend a month in the district's Alternative Education Program.

Parents said students that initiated the alleged hazing incident have not been disciplined and are a part of Iowa Park's football team.

"That kid hasn't received anything and my son gets sent to AEP for 30 days," said keath.

Newschannel 6 went to school officials to get answers. We spoke with Iowa Park C.I.S.D. Superintendent Steven Moody about the event and he declined an on-camera interview and to give an official statement.

However, Superintendent Moody told us he has confidence that the schools administration and football coaches handled the incident properly.

But Keath and his wife disagree and said school officials bullied their son into punishment meanwhile letting others get on the field without paying the price.

"Yes. I feel like it has something to do with it, because they haven't had a championship in quite a while," said Keath.

"I guess holding a kid down while others de-pantsed them is not humiliation or embarrassment  and why they're not in AEP is totally beyond me," said Mrs. Keath. "All the boys took part in it. it was all a joke and it got out of hand. all of them need to be in the same kind of trouble."

Parents also told us they did reach out to school officials about the issue. They spoke with the vice-principal of the school on Wednesday and tried to contact the superintendent as well -- and at last check he has yet to return their call.

Parents said the student who initiated the alleged hazing incident played without punishment in Iowa Park's playoff game in Denton Thursday night.

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