Rain Filled Roads In Wichita Falls

Rain Filled Roads In Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls roads were covered in water for most of the day. In the last 24 hours Wichita Falls has seen 2.74 inches of rain, more rain that the city averages during the entire month of November.

Emergency responders were kept busy most of the day working to help people impacted by the high running water on the streets. Some areas were so heavily clogged and congested with water the street was not even visible. The rain was so bad it made just getting a bite to eat difficult.

Ruan Lopez works as a shift manager at Braums on Kemp Boulevard. Usually Ruan is helping serve food today he was helping make sure customers' cars were not stuck in the high water.

"Well the car had actually stopped on the side of the road we did not know if they were having any engine trouble or anything and me and another employee went out there and helped them out," said Lopez.

In the two and a half years Lopez has worked for Braums he say's the rain has been a blessing and a burden to the drought stricken region. Lopez hopes other customers will stay safe and think twice when driving in such dangerous conditions.

, Newschannel6