Evangel Temple Gives Away 250 Turkeys

More than 250 turkeys were given away Sunday morning at the Evangel Temple in Wichita Falls for their 13th annual Turkey Day.

“It's our big day, it's Turkey Day.  They register so that they will get a ticket and then at the end of the service we are going to call those numbers out and they'll come up.  We'll have a team ready to hand them the turkeys," said Pastor at Evangel Temple, Kile Bateman.

13 years ago, Evangel Temple saw a tremendous need in our community.

“I want to make sure that these people know that they're going to have a thanksgiving," said Bateman.

Iztel Alba was one of the many people in attendance Sunday morning.

“I think it's really nice that they do this because there are a lot of families that can't afford to get a turkey for Thanksgiving.  It's a plus, you get a good service and a turkey," said Alba.

Also in attendance were mother and daughter, Charlotte Leer and Michelle Adams.

“It's a blessing, a blessing this year for sure,"said Leer.

“We love serving, we're addicted to it.  You only find real joy in life when you serve other people and when you see the smiles on everybody's faces," said Bateman.

Just in case there were not enough turkeys to give away, Evangel Temple had United Market Street on-call so that everyone could have a good Thanksgiving.

Turkey Day is just one of the many things that Evangel Temple does for the community.  The church is also in charge of the Phased In Project, which helps youth who age out of the foster care system.

, Newschannel 6