Rider High School Kitchen Closed Monday and Tuesday

Repairs to the Rider High School kitchen are still underway. Therefore, the kitchen will continue to be off-limits to students and staff next week. The WFISD food service department will prepare meals at WFHS but will transfer them to Rider High School and will be able to serve hot meals using hot boxes from the Rider snack bar area. The menu options for Monday and Tuesday are listed below and will, once again, be offered at no cost to students:

Monday Breakfast

Sausage Biscuit

Orange Juice

Choice of White or Chocolate Milk

Monday Lunch


Pinto Beans

Applesauce Cup

Choice of White of Chocolate Milk

Tuesday Breakfast:

Cinnamon Roll

Orange Flavored Raisins

Choice of White or Chocolate Milk

Tuesday Lunch

Chicken Sandwich


Peach Cup

Choice of White or Chocolate Milk