Citizens Urged to "Can the Grease" During Thanksgiving

Wichita Falls, Texas- Citizens are being urged to "Can the Grease" during Thanksgiving, and year round,  to save themselves and the City the trouble and expense of repairing pipes that are clogged with fats, oils and grease from cooking. These pipe "cloggers" are called F.O.G. which harden and build up in the drainpipes of homes and in the City sewer system, creating blockages that cause sewage overflows (backups). These overflows can lead to expensive repairs for businesses, homeowners and the City.

"Can the Grease" is a simple act: Can it, Cool it, Throw it away. The City's website has some excellent advice


How to "Can the Grease"

1. After cooling, pour or scrape all fats, oils and grease into a metal can or glass jar, seal with a lid.

2. Throw away immediately or keep the container in the refrigerator until full and then dispose of the used oil in the trash.

Can the Grease Tips

1. Never pour fats, oils or grease down the drain.

2. Hot water does not dissolve fats, oils or grease. As soon as these liquids cool while in pipes or sewer systems they will harden.

3. Fats, oils and grease will build up over time.

4. Disposing of fats, oils and grease properly will save thousands of dollars in repairs in the community.

5. Avoid using a garbage disposal. Place baskets or strainers in the sink to catch food scraps and place them in the trash.

6. Dish soap does not dissipate fats, oils or grease. They will later coagulate in pipes and sewer lines.

7. Wipe before washing. After pouring fats, oils or grease into a sealable container, wipe the cooking container with a paper towel to remove further grease residue.