Water Wells Up In Knox City

Water Wells Up In Knox City

One Texoma town is in a race against time to complete a $350,000 water well project before the city runs out of water. Right now, the city relies only on the Miller Creek Reservoir.

But that lake is steadily depleting causing the city to mark a date when they will run out of water completely. The reservoir has set record lows by only being 7.3 percent full.

However, the lake gained an extra percentage from the rainfall on Saturday. Now the reservoir is at 8.3 percent capacity. Causing the original drop dead date, December 1, to be pushed back to the end of March.

The city soon hopes to become less reliant on that depleting source by using a grant to drill water wells.The two wells are officially built and in the ground in Knox City.

"We have drilled both wells, and tested both wells," said City Administrator, Sam Watson. "One tested at 250 gallons per minute and the other one tested at 277 gallons a minute." Knox City uses only about 100 gallons of water per minute as of now, according to Watson.

Once the wells are up and running they should have no problem sustaining the small town, according to Watson. However, although the wells are built, the contractors still have a lot of work to do.

The contractors are finishing trenching, and will soon start to lay the piping. After those tasks are completed pumping and electrical, as well as, fencing still needs to be completed. City officials hope the water well project will be completed in two to three months.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6