Only On 6: Top 10 Ticket Hot Spots

Only on 6: Top 10 Ticket Hot Spots Part 1

There's more hustle and bustle on the streets of Wichita Falls during the holidays. If you live here, or just plan to come to town to shop or visit family, you need to know the top ticket hot spots in the city!

The Wichita Falls Police Department hands out nearly 900 speeding tickets during the months of November and December.

“Sometimes while our patrol officers are working they'll do a little extra patrol in parking lots, just during the holiday shopping season,” said Jeff Hughes, a Wichita Falls Police Officer.

There are plenty of parking lots for officers to patrol along the street that nabs the number ten spot on our list, Call Field Road This road helps connect drivers to Kemp, Midwestern Parkway and Lawrence road.

Number nine on the list is Ninth street. This road runs from Seymour Highway all the way to downtown Wichita Falls. 

"We definitely have officers out 24 hours a day," said Hughes. "The patrol officers are out, and we have a motor unit whose primary job is to go out and work traffic."

Taft Boulevard is another place police don't shy away from. The road passes through high traffic areas like Southwest Parkway, Midwestern Parkway and Kell Freeway puts Taft at our ticket hot spot number eight.

“Well, I feel like it is,” said Richard Zuber, one Wichita Falls resident. “I mean I travel up and down both these streets quite a bit, and yes, there definitely seems to be quite a bit of traffic. Of course, it's a concern to me with the college students.”

Ticket hotspot number seven's not too far away, Maplewood Avenue. And like other ticket hot spots, Maplewood also passes through, or connects to high traffic streets like Midwestern Parkway, Kemp and Lawrence road.

Number six and number five actually tie. They are Scott Avenue, also known as Business 287, and Seymour Highway, also known as Business 277.

The top four ticket hotspots on our list make up nearly 90 percent of all speeding tickets handed out in the city.

Midwestern Parkway is number four on our list of ticket hot spots. It's no wonder Midwestern Parkway is a problem for traffic violations the street is home to the mall, shopping centers, and restaurants.

Midwestern Parkway isn't the only place you can spot officer,  police frequently set up shop along number three on our list, Northwest Freeway. It makes up 20 percent of all citations handed out during the holidays. Last season, police wrote nearly 150 tickets along this stretch of road during November and December, alone! A major problem is many driver's not slowing down when speed limits reduce.

“When you pass that sign that's when the new speed takes effect,” said Hughes. “So that sign is letting you know that beyond that point that's what the speed is.”

Coming in at number two in our top ten ticket hot spots is Kell Freeway. This freeway made up about 25 percent of all speeding tickets issued during the 20-13 holiday season. The 60 mile per hour freeway averages hundreds of cars every day.

The number one ticket hot spot takes an overwhelming lead.

Central Freeway is responsible for nearly half of the total speeding tickets issued during the holidays.

Around 340 tickets were issued on the freeway during that time frame last year.

This roadway is also the largest, the freeway cuts Wichita Falls down the center and stretches across the entire city. “We just recommend to the drivers that are out there, number one,  drive safe, be aware of everything that's going on around you, pay attention to signs, also pay attention to traffic,” said Hughes.

Just in case you think you won't get pulled over for going a mile or two over the speed limit,  think again. Police said there is no wiggle room in the state of Texas. Just one mile over could result in a citation.

Wichita Falls had a total of around 9,000 speeding tickets issued last year .Although that seems like a large number, it's actually significantly less than one Texas city with around the same population. The city of Richardson issued almost 11,000 speeding tickets last year, nearly 2,000 more than Wichita Falls.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6