December Warm-Up for Texoma

December Warm-Up for Texoma

If you're not a fan of the cold, here's some welcomed news: meteorologists with the Climate Prediction Center think that December for Texoma will be warmer than average. Even though forecasters haven't seen a strong relationship between the atmosphere and the equatorial Pacific Ocean, the warm December is related to El Nino

"This is all against the backdrop of a weak to moderate El Nino event," Climate Prediction Center Meteorologist Stephen Baxter explained, "and in that framework its consistent with what we would expect in December. So I'm not surprised at all that December would be the mildest of the three months relative to normal."

Usually, Baxter says he would be more comfortable forecasting January to also be warm after a warm previous month.

But, not this time. The warm up won't last long.

"This is the kind of winter especially in the central and eastern United States, we would expect to see conditions become cooler relative to normal throughout the winter season," Baxter said.

Baxter says towards the end of December, activity in the West Pacific could cause the atmosphere to respond such that the warmer temperatures would move west, possibly leaving Texoma colder just in time for the holidays.

Dave Caulfield, Skywarn 6 Meteorologist